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Jake and Molly


Hello hello!!

Thats me and my husband Jake, we got married in 2016 and we just knew we wanted to buy our first house ASAP. We found a perfect little blue foreclosure and got to work. Fast forward to 2020- we finally removed the last bit of baby blue from this adorable little house and we decided to sell it ….and then we immediately got the real estate/flipping bug. We are on to our second home now and doing the same thing- renovating and restoring the history and story of an old home.
Prior to becoming a realtor I was in banking for 6 years, and I found myself looking at homes online every single day. I was spending any extra time trying to imagine how you could fix up theses different houses and sell, or who in my family or friend group these houses could work for in. So in the middle of starting renovations on our newest fixer upper, I decided to go to school and get my real estate licenses in Connecticut and Rhode Island. With the nonstop support from Jake and my lovely Mother-In-Law/Broker Kim, it was time for me to take something I’m passionate about and jump all in.

Jake and I both share a passion for restoring older homes and making your money work for you. My goal is always to help you buy low and sell high! Whatever your goal is, I can help you get there. Jake and I are also always happy to share anything we have learned along our journey with others too!

 When we aren't working on our own house or working on our growing businesses, we absolutely LOVE to travel, we love being at the beach, snowboarding, hiking, or just walking in downtown Westerly or Mystic with our sweet dog Basil (if you ever see us walking stop and say hi!)

 I’m always happy to help answer any questions you may have, and to help you with your real estate needs! Besides-
“Coming home is one of the most beautiful things”- Andre Rieu

Basil is the real star of the show

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