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Are you paying your mortgage, or your landlords?

Choosing to rent or buy a home is a huge decision, that affects your life in many different ways. In the US, many people lean towards home ownership- the "American Dream" However there are lots of pros and cons for both renting and owning!

Here are a few key factors to consider when deciding if renting or owning is better for you!

Renting ~Renting offers a lot of flexibility with little responsibility to the home (someone will always be there to make sure the yard gets mowed or the snow gets plowed) ~When you rent, you always know how much you will be spending on housing each month/year

VS Owning ~More freedom to do what you want, such as paint, remodeling, getting pets ~Ownership is one of the largest financial investments you will make. Sometimes you're able to gain equity in your new home and have a great little nest egg for your future.

The better option for you is not just about money. It is also about your comfort, and your goals for your life.

What are some pros and cons for your personal owning/renting situation?

As always, I'm here to help with anything you may need. Call me to chat about what your next step is!


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