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Can YOU really afford to buy a house?

So many people think that buying a home is not an option for them. But in reality I find that many people do not know how many programs are out there to assist with buying! Even with lower credit scores, student loans, and job changes.

Buying a home is extremely attainable, the first step is to speak with a mortgage lender and really just let them know your goals. If you want to find a property to fix up, or you want you payment to be a certain amount, or you're looking in a certain area- we can help. Mortgage officers and realtors work together to make sure their community, and their clients are well educated and can make the best informed decisions.

If for some reason you truly don't qualify at the moment, a lender can give you some helpful direction on what your next step should be!

I would love to share more with you about the programs CT and RI have to offer as well as some special promotions for first time home buyers - some lenders offer a closing credit for first time buyers or programs where you can put little to NO money down!

Feel free to contact me any time to learn more, and get some trustworthy lender referrals!

Molly Malek, Realtor®



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