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How to Refinish Your Ugly Bathtub

How many of you also have a baby blue, or pink bathtub?? I see it all the time in houses and it can be such huge turn off to potential buyers! In our first home we had baby blue EVERYTHING, including the bathtub and walls.. So I did some research and ended up repainting mine to make it look brand new!

Here is a few easy steps on how to refinish and paint your bathtub for under $40!

Here was our bathroom and tub when we first bought our house

So it's not in bad condition, it's just pretty ugly. So I did tons of research and watched a few YouTube videos and decided to try repainting it.

After reading tons reviews I bought this "Tub and Tile Paint"

You can find this paint at any of your local Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, or Amazon! It comes as a full kit with very easy instructions.

Supplies Needed:

  • Bleach

  • Abrasive Cleaner (comet)

  • Abrasive scrubbing pad

  • Lime-a-way

  • Sandpaper (#400/600 grit wet/dry)

  • Tack Cloth

  • Wood paint stirring stick

  • High quality small short nap paint roller

  • High quality paint brush

  • Goggles and/or mask


So you'll want to start by removing any drains and hardware, remove loose paint or rust with a wire brush or sandpaper to prep for cleaning. Use the bleach and/or comet to THOROUGHLY clean the tub, any walls, nooks and crannies. Then wipe the area clean.

Sand the entire surface that you'll be painting with #400 or #600 sandpaper, vacuum or rinse away any residue.

Wipe surface with a tack cloth immediately before starting to paint to remove any dust that could be left.

All sanded and ready to be cleaned and painted!


*Make sure the bathroom is well ventilated, and take many breaks and wear a mask if possible.*

The kit comes with 2 parts and they are extremely smelly haha. You will want to add part A to part B and mix thoroughly for 1 minute. Use within 6 hours of mixing.

When you start painting, I found that cutting in with a brush on any tight spots and following with a roller gave the best outcome. The first coat is GOING TO LOOK PATCHY! It is ok!!! Just let it dry for 1 hour and do not over brush or over roll the covered areas. After 1 hour you can follow with another coat and it will become fully opaque. If needed, you can add a 3rd coat to cover any missed spots or areas.

After the tub is completely finished, you will want to wait 3 days before exposing to any water.

And that's it!

So Fresh and Clean!

I ended up using 2 kits to finish my tub because of doing the walls as well. So depending on your tub setup you may want to opt for an extra just in case!

After seeing the results of our blue tub look brand new, I did it on our master bath shower as well! That one was originally an almond color and I painted it white to brighten the bathroom. I'll drop some before and afters as well!

So no matter the color of your tub, this is a great simple solution that anyone can do! It will increase resale value as well as just giving your bathroom the facelift that it may need!

Im happy to answer any questions you may have if you decide to do this one yourself!

Molly Malek

Malek Real Estate


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