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3 Easy Tips to Upgrade Your Home to be More Energy Efficient

Making adjustments in your home to make it more energy efficient is great for 2 very simple reasons. First, updating can help you cut utility costs now and in the future. And secondly, you will be helping to make a better impact on the environment around us.

You don't have to do all sorts of upgrades at once but hopefully this will help you to plan what makes the most sense for you and your home!

Tip #1 - Call Your Local Utility Company

It sounds too easy! Just call whoever your utility provider is and ask them if they are running any sort of energy grants or programs. They will help you to schedule an in-home visit to assess your home's efficiency. The service that they provide saves the average participant over $250 per year! Just by switching out lightbulbs to LED, weatherizing doors and windows, or even ADDING insulation! All for just making a simple appointment! They will also leave you with a booklet on any rebates that you can apply for, for work that has already been upgraded.

Tip #2 - Switch to a Smart Thermostat

You can save as much as 10% per year on heating and cooling by having a schedule set on your smart thermostat! You can set it to adjust to your work schedule or even if you're away on vacation! Companies like Google Nest also offer rebates to switch over to a smart thermostat.

Tip #3 - Switch to Low-Flow Water Fixtures

Switching to low-flow toilets, faucets, and shower heads can limit water waste by eliminating around 1/2 gallon water per minute than the standard fixture! The water pressure on the faucet or shower head will still remain the same though due to the built in aerator, so you can save up to 1,000 gallons per year without noticing a thing!


Bonus Tip...

So ultimately by upgrading our home to be more energy efficient we will save money, help the environment by reducing green house gas and water supply, AND we can increase that equity in our house!

Some home buyers look for homes that are specifically "green" or energy efficient. Some studies show that energy efficient homes tend to sell faster and at a higher price than non certified homes. So, by getting a head start you will also increase your resale value. Making these small upgrades will immediately give you return on this investment and into your home's long term value to you and our earth.

Molly Malek, Realtor

Malek Real Estate


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