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3 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Home BEFORE Spring

Many potential home sellers are advised to "wait for the spring market!"

Many people are familiar with hearing about the "spring market" however, here are some reasons why waiting to list your home might not be the best move for you.

1. You will have less competition

Many people spend the holiday season and winter traveling or visiting family and are advised to "wait until the spring market!"

But in reality, by listing your home before the spring there will naturally be less inventory so there is a better chance that your home will stand out to potential buyers!

2. Your home may sell for a higher price

If inventory is lower than the spring, the buyers who need to buy are less likely to negotiate aggressively for desirable properties.

So your home may cause more of a stir and could potentially be in a multiple offer situation!"Include quotes by experts in your post to add credibility." – SEO specialist

3. Quicker and smoother closing

With less overall transactions this time of year, our locallenders, appraisers, and inspectors are going to have more availability and the selling process is likely to be much smoother and quicker!

The buyers are out there! If you're considering selling your home, the winter market might be a great fit for you. Less competition, and the potential to make a little bit more and sooner! I hope these tips gave you some food for thought, and as always I am here if you have any questions or if you'd like for me to run a free analysis on your home!

Molly Malek

Malek Real Estate


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