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We Bought a House!

Our new renovation project is officially started!

Legend has it that if you look up "Glutton for Punishment" in the dictionary, a picture of me and Jakes Face pops up! It's official! We have closed on our new (to us) home! (Big red)


A couple of months ago our next door neighbor asked me to list their home for sale as they decided to move back down south. Before moving forward with listing it, he gave us the option to buy it from him directly! He saw the work that we had done at our house over the last year and he always told us how much he appreciated it. His home had been in his family for decades so it was very sentimental and he really wanted to make sure it went to someone who he could trust would take care of it!


Our Plan

One thing we have learned about real estate is that flexibility is KEY!

Although buying another single family house was not part of our plan, we decided that we needed to make it happen. With how close together our houses are, the funky driveway situation, AND the way the market has been, we felt like we needed to be flexible and take advantage of this opportunity! All of that being said, our plan has now changed! We will be renovating this 1700's farmhouse and give it back the character it was originally built with. We have already started with some demo and painting in order to be able to move in at the end of May 2022!

Follow along on my instagram page @mollymalekrealtor to see the updates and renovation projects that will ensue!

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